At RNB Team, we use a multi-faceted approach to protect data, from network security and intrusion detection systems to encryption technologies and firewalls. We conduct regular audits to check for any suspicious activity and provide guidance on strengthening your security measures.


RnB Team will provide your company with a reliable information security process: both from the side of organizing these processes and from the technical side. Our specialists have the experience, knowledge and skills necessary to implement information security systems. Our activities are in line with the best international practices.


The RnB team offers a diverse range of services in the field of information systems security. Our activities include the development and implementation of customized security systems for clients, as well as the creation of a full-fledged Security Operations Center (SOC). We are ready to provide you with a full range of services to ensure the reliability and protection of your information infrastructure.


We have been providing information systems security services since 2018. During this time, the RnB Team has successfully completed more than 50 projects in this area, providing customers with high-quality services and solutions. Our team has gained significant experience in creating and implementing customized security systems that meet the unique needs of each client. Our portfolio is the key to the team’s success. It consists of a variety of projects. In addition, our customers’ feedback is an important indicator of our success, as it confirms the trust they place in our services.


At RnB Team, we develop unique solutions based on the individual needs of each client and the specifics of their infrastructure. Our goal is to provide reliable and effective protection of each client’s information systems, contributing to their success. An individual approach is key to achieving high standards of service and meeting the needs of each client.

The Red Team is an expert team dedicated to creating cutting-edge malware and infiltration techniques to breach even the most secure systems. They hunt for and exploit weaknesses in firms’ systems before anybody else, avoiding detection by their Blue Team colleagues, using the same methods as attackers with access to cutting-edge technology. Red teaming gives enterprises a deeper awareness of potential cyber threats than standard penetration testing, enabling them to defend themselves better.

The goal of the Red Team is to sneak into and investigate the deeper system while remaining unnoticed. In the same way that actual attackers would try to launch an attack, they have developed their talents with scripts, tactics, and viruses that can get past any security safeguards, placing them at the top of best practices globally. They preserve confidentiality for all other corporation employees as part of this procedure by working covertly with company management.

1.2 Red Team Members

Lead of Red Team


Senior Penetration Tester


Penetration Tester

1.3 Goals and Responsibilities
  1. Simulating the malicious intent of potential attackers and assessing security preparedness accordingly

  2. Intrusion into a target system or process that can result in immense security risks, whether through physical or digital penetration

  3. Remain undetected by the client's security team for as long and effectively as possible

  4. Establishing a robust channel architecture for efficiently transferring data and responsibly directing the target system

  5. Utilizing premier practices and going beyond conventional solutions to compromise the system.

1.4 Methods
  1. Social engineering

  2. Operation of network services

  3. The exploitation of physical protection vulnerabilities

  4. Security testing for applications

  5. Application of zero-day attacks

The Blue Team is a vital part of the information security department, working around the clock to maintain and bolster the organization’s defenses. The team’s highly qualified analysts will face off against simulated threats posed by the Red team to sharpen their skills so that they can respond swiftly if ever faced with real danger.

The actions of both the intruders and our Red Team members are detected, challenged, and weakened by the Blue Team. The Red Team’s hypothetical attack scenario continuously sharpens the Blue team’s abilities to identify and prevent threats in real time.

Blue Team members leverage their technical skills and add much-needed human intelligence to protect organizations against more advanced attacks like ARTs and 0-days. Their objective is clear: identify malicious activity before it spreads further into an organization’s network infrastructure, resulting in a safer environment for all stakeholders involved.

2.2 Blue Team Members

Lead Information Security Officer of the response team


CEO / CISO / Сo-Founder


Lead Information Security Officer

2.3 Goals and Responsibilities
  1. Vigilant identification of potential security breaches for maximum protection

  2. Gaining an in-depth comprehension of the incident and crafting a comprehensive response

  3. Leveraging powerful analytic capabilities to pinpoint suspicious activity

  4. Crafting an incident report and fine-tuning the response algorithms

  5. Utilizing sophisticated detection algorithms to locate the command-and-control servers used by attackers and prevent them from establishing any connection

  6. Comprehensive analysis and forensic solutions, including third-party systems, for reliable performance in all systems architecture.

2.4 Methods
  1. Uncovering valuable insights by exploring event log data

  2. Implementing an information security platform and event management system can help detect potential intrusions

  3. Implementating specialized systems and software for gathering technological information

  4. Detecting and categorizing emerging threats in real-time

  5. Collecting the latest intel on threats to minimize any possible pitfalls

  6. Maintaining compliance with certain standards and requirements

  7. Surveying the ebbs and flows of traffic and data flow.

3 Team

CEO / CISO / Сo-Founder


Lead Information Security Officer of the response team


Head of Sales / Сo-Founder


Lead Red Team Process


Penetration Tester


HR manager


Lead Information Security Officer


Head of the Legal Department


Penetration Tester


Digital marketer


Sales Manager


Junior Penetration Tester


Office manager

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