Red teaming

A team of experts of information security, whose actions are aimed at compromising the system of information and physical security of the company by all possible methods, remaining unnoticed for security and Blue Team.

Red Teaming should be distinguished from penetration test, which uses a variety of attack methods to detect and exploit, as many vulnerabilities as possible, which entails detecting the presence of attacker in the system.

The main task of Red team is to stay unnoticed for as long as possible, penetrating and spreading inside the company’s system deepest. Since stealth requires a high level of training and quality of tools for penetration, R&B team specialists develop exclusive scenarios, methods and malware that make it possible to bypass security systems, as real attackers do during a targeted attack.

According to the world’s best practices, Red Team conducts its activities exclusively in consultation with the company’s top management, but secretly for all other employees.

Goals and responsibilities:

  • • Imitation of actions of intruders concerning the purpose;
  • • Violation of security of target system or process through physical or digital penetration;
  • • Stay unnoticed, as long as possible for Blue Team;
  • • Setting up maximum possible number of channels for unloading information and managing the target system;
  • • Continuous use of the best and non-standard practices to compromise the system.

Red Team methods include all possible methods of compromising the system, including:

  • • Social engineering;
  • • Operation of network services;
  • • Exploitation of physical protection vulnerabilities;
  • • Operation of applications;
  • • Application of zero-day attacks.

Experts of Red Team, by agreement of the parties, provide a wide range of services to assess the security of systems and processes for companies that are currently not ready to service in full of its functionality.

Among the services:

Penetration Test
Аpplication source code analysis
Vulnerability Management
Consulting in the field of protection assessment

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