Vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, classifying, and prioritizing vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, and network infrastructure. Provide organization with necessary data to quantify risk, understand threats to their environment and respond adequately.

Each organization has its own differences, and therefore requires an individual approach. So, first of all, it is necessary to understand exactly what specific assets the organization plans to protect, as well as understanding of who owns the assets and what their value is.

R&B Team, in turn, provides a range of services for inventory and ranking of assets, risk analysis in infrastructure, vulnerability search, their classification and confirmation of potential of operation, prioritization for elimination. As a result, our customers receive reports with recommendations for further actions and understanding of the real threat to business.

According to leading international practices, as part of vulnerability management process, it is necessary to proceed to the following stages:

  • • Determination of measures to correct the situation
  • • Implementation of remediation measures
  • • Revaluation

Maintenance of your company at all stages will help to give your security a new, systemic level.

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