Implementation of systems and processes of rapid response to incidents

Any protected system can be attacked by intruders, unscrupulous employees or unsupported factors. Regardless of the number and level of personnel training, quality and manufacturability of protection systems, the incident has the right to life. In such a situation, the main thing is to respond correctly and timely to the incident. As part of our service, the customer will be able to get a complete system and tools for responding to incidents.

Objectives of creating an incident response process:

  • Reduction of losses as a result of the incident;
  • Systematic improvement of the response to the incident;
  • Solving legal issues related to incidents;
  • Involvement of management and employees of the customer in the process of ensuring security.

Methods and stages of response:

  • Preparation for the reaction;
  • Detection and analysis;
  • Localization, removal, recovery;
  • Actions after the incident.

As a result of introduction of all necessary components, documentation, response systems to incidents and training specialists, the customer’s company receives a qualitative processing process that will allow to perform active deterrence actions promptly, while your competitors and other companies will be more available victim to intruders, and your business will continue its prosperity.

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