The Red Team is a highly-trained group of specialists focused on crafting malware and inventive penetration tactics to breach even the most guarded systems. Using the same techniques as a malicious actor with access to cutting-edge technology, they seek out and exploit vulnerabilities in companies’ systems before anyone else can — all while avoiding detection from their Blue Team counterparts. Red Teams provides organizations with deeper insight than traditional penetration testing alone so businesses can better protect themselves against potential cyber threats.

The Red Team’s mission is to remain undetected while infiltrating and exploring deeper into a system. They have honed their skills with scenarios, methods, and malware that can pass through any security measure just like real attackers would attempt in an attack — putting them at the top of best practices worldwide. Working discreetly with company management, they ensure privacy for all other employees within the organization as part of this process.

1.1 Services
Penetration Testing
Penetration testing is a specialized cybersecurity method designed to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in an organization's systems that malicious actors could otherwise exploit. Simulating the tactics of attackers, Red Team can reveal gaps where confidential information might be at risk or business processes interrupted. Ultimately, such security checks result in actionable reports for companies seeking to protect their data from theft or disruption. Read more
Vulnerability Assessment Management
Vulnerability Management is an in-depth process aimed at detecting and eliminating potential weak points in the company's IT infrastructure. Unlike a pentest, this process focuses on the breadth of vulnerability discovery rather than depth. In addition, during vulnerability assessment, the presence of vulnerabilities is not confirmed by exploitation but simply classified and assessed. Vulnerability Management is an integral part of ensuring complete security for a company's IT infrastructure, which can include an array of components that require constant vigilance. Read more
Consulting in protection assessment
Protection assessment is an important process used to accurately identify the level of protection needed for individuals, organizations, and other entities. RNB Team security professionals use their expertise to analyze the existing environment and identify potential weaknesses, as well as develop specific recommendations for mitigating identified risks. Read more
Red Teaming
A team of experts in information security, whose actions are aimed at compromising the system of information and physical security of the company by all possible methods, remains unnoticed by the security and a Blue Team. Red Teaming should be distinguished from a penetration test, which uses various attack methods to detect and exploit as many vulnerabilities as possible, which entails detecting the presence of an attacker in the system. Read more
1.2 Goals and Responsibilities
  1. Simulating the malicious intent of potential attackers and assessing security preparedness accordingly

  2. Intrusion into a target system or process that can result in immense security risks, whether through physical or digital penetration

  3. Remain undetected by the client’s security team for as long and effectively as possible

  4. Establishing a robust channel architecture for efficiently transferring data and responsibly directing the target system

  5. Utilizing premier practices and going beyond conventional solutions to compromise the system.

1.3 Methods
  1. External reconnaissance

  2. Server-side attacks

  3. Social engineering

  4. Local enumeration

  5. Imitation of legitimate users’ actions

  6. Stealthy data exfiltration

  7. Creating custom backdoors depending on the environment.

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