Implementation of separate systems and protection solutions

Since information security is a process and complex of organizational and technical measures, the profile unit can not do without modern technological solutions and systems for their automation.

The portfolio of our company contains all the necessary components for the effective operation of the information security system and business processes of companies from any sphere.

Our solutions:

  • Network security systems;
  • Web Application Firewall;
  • Multifactor authentication systems;
  • Systems of protection against information leakage;
  • Systems of protection of workstations of the new generation;
  • Control of actions of privileged users;
  • SIEM;
  • Systems of protection of databases;
  • Protective complexes for the safety of automated control system
  • and others.

We form an appropriate solution based on an integrated approach that allows you to select the necessary specification of equipment and software for the functioning and automation of key security processes.

Within the framework of the project we conduct:

  • short audit of infrastructure and business processes;
  • identification of features and shortcomings;
  • analysis of specifics of business industry;
  • study of risk map;
  • consideration of plan for development of the customer’s information security;
  • consideration of budget opportunities;
  • development and implementation of the system;
  • staff training;
  • technical support.

As a result of implementation, our customers receive an effective protection system that best corresponds to infrastructure and business processes, integration into existing IT infrastructure, trained personnel and the first line of technical support.

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