The Blue Team plays an integral role in upholding the organization’s security by combining human vigilance with technical tools and automated solutions. Their important mission is to detect, confront, weaken, and ultimately neutralize sophisticated attacks launched against them — both from malicious intruders as well as simulated scenarios created by our Red Team members.

Proactively monitoring emerging threats on networks using threat detection platforms, help prevent organizations from becoming victims of malware or phishing attempts before it’s too late. Members of the Blue Team use their technical expertise and crucial human intelligence to defend enterprises from more sophisticated attacks like ARTs and 0-days.

The ultimate goal for Blue Team is to preemptively identify complex attack types while maintaining continuous vigilance over current or emerging risks.

1.1 Services
SIEM as a service
RNB Team's SIEM as a service is the perfect way for businesses to keep track of digital activity, detect threats before they become incidents, and respond to cyber security events in real-time. This integrated service includes log management and advanced monitoring capabilities so companies can have confidence in their cyber security operations. SIEM gives you the power to detect data breaches and attacks faster than ever before — keeping businesses from falling victim to malicious attackers. Read more
Information security audit
RNB Team provides a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's state of protection against cyber breaches and fraud. Utilizing the latest tools and resources, RNB Team's team of experts thoroughly investigates all existing systems and processes to ensure they are meeting industry standards, as well as current safety rules and regulations. We review compliance with various regulatory requirements and make adjustments if needed to mitigate any possible risks. Read more
Implementation of separate systems and protection solutions
When it comes to ensuring robust protection solutions, having an integrated approach is the way to go. RNB Team uses this approach to understand your different requirements and suggest appropriate solutions. This starts with selecting the correct specification of equipment and software from the available options that fit your desired background. Our expertise in this field allows us to understand your needs and explain how our proposed setup will result in the successful functioning of security processes. Read more
Implementation of systems and processes of rapid response to incidents
Keeping up with the changes in the industry can be difficult, but having a response system in place helps provide confidence that appropriate steps are taken quickly when incidents occur. The RNB Team team takes a proactive approach in responding to potential incidents. Not only does it help ensure that any issues or damage is minimized or eliminated, but it also can create a better relationship between businesses and their customers. We show that any problems are taken seriously and acted upon promptly. Read more
1.2 Goals and Responsibilities
  1. Vigilant identification of potential security breaches for maximum protection

  2. Utilizing sophisticated detection algorithms to locate the command-and-control servers used by attackers and prevent them from establishing any connectionLeveraging powerful analytic capabilities to pinpoint suspicious activity

  3. Crafting an incident report and fine-tuning the response algorithms

  4. Comprehensive analysis and forensic solutions, including third-party systems for reliable performance in all systems architecture.

  5. Gaining an in-depth comprehension of the incident and crafting a comprehensive response

1.3 Methods
  1. Detecting and categorizing emerging threats in real-time

  2. Uncovering valuable insights by exploring event log data

  3. Implementing an information security platform and event management system can help detect potential intrusions

  4. Collecting the latest intel on threats to minimize any possible pitfalls

  5. Surveying the ebbs and flows of traffic and data flow.

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